Serdecznie zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w spotkaniu z Justyną Werbel z Ontario College of Art and Design w Kanadzie, która od kilku dni przebywa na na rezydencji artystycznej w INKU Szczecińskim Inkubatorze Kultury oraz z Ellą Tetrault z Kanady, która prowadzi rezydenturę artystyczną w Berlinie.

Serdecznie zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w spotkaniu z Justyną Werbel i Ellą Tetrault. W ramach spotkania badaczki z Kanady przedstawią kontekst społeczny, kulturowy, etniczny, genderowy, polityczny i artystyczny komunikacji wizualnej w Kanadzie oraz odbędzie się dyskusja na temat podobieństw i różnic w percepcji i interpretacji obrazów w środowisku miejskim w różnych kulturach i na różnych kontynentach.

Spotkanie odbędzie się 6 czerwca o godz. 14:00 w Sali Kominkowej INKU Szczecińskiego Inkubatora Kultury (al. Wojska Polskiego 90). Spotkanie odbędzi się w języku angielskim. 

Serdecznie zapraszymy!

Spotkanie odbędzie się ramach badań w projekcie TICASS (Technologie obrazowania w komunikacji, sztuce i komunikacji) realizowanego przez:
Akademię Sztuki w Szczecinie (koordynator, Polska)
Uniwersytet Jana Ewangelisty w Ustii nad Łabą (Czechy)
Uniwersytet w Meceracie (Włochy)
Polski Uniwersytet na Obczyźnie w Londynie (Wielka Brytania)
Uniwersytet Witswatersrand w Johannesburgu (RPA).

Projekt otrzymał finansowanie w ramach programu Unii Europejskiej Horyzont 2020 poświęconego badaniom i innowacjom na podstawie umowy grantowej nr 734602.

Training with academic sector representatives

We kindly invite you to participate in a the meeting with artist Justyna Werbel and Ella Tetrault. During the meeting the researchers will present their work and reflections on social, cultural, ethnical, gender, political, and artistic dimensions of visual communication in North America. 

Justyna Werbel will be presenting '.WAV' a video piece developed during the 2017 Global Experience Project where artist Isaac Julien was the overseeing mentor. Werbel's theme explored the idea of the event and anatomy of the marches that occurred between 2016-17. Symbols of collective gathering, the idea of growing public commons, the notion of place, space and occupation not to mention the issues of speaking for others were a few areas of exploration during the development of this particular work.

Justyna Werbel (b.1983) obtained her BDes in Industrial Design and is currently perusing her masters in the IAMD program at OCADU in Toronto, Canada. Werbel's works dance between social practice, film, performance, sculptural installation, drawing and photography. Werbel creates interdisciplinary projects that require participation from an audience and involve social engagement as a method of research. Her work and has been made and presented in Poland, Germany, England, Israel, Uruguay, Brazil, India and Canada. She recently has been selected to participate in a 4-month long mentorship alongside filmmaker Isaac Julien as part of OCADU’s Global Experience Project. Werbel is currently in the midst of an artistic residency at the Inkubator Kultury in Szczecin, Poland.


Ella Tetrault will be presenting a lecture performance that explores the effect the Monica Lewinsky scandal has had on her generation of cultural producers. Written as an open letter to the internet, she will explore how the scandal and the consequent shaming affected her as a teenage girl. Moreover, she will discuss strategies female artists and pop figures have developed to subvert cyber bullying and public shaming both in Canada and abroad.

Ella Tetrault is a Canadian artist residing in Berlin. She holds an MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus University and a BA in International Development from the University of Toronto. As a former youth worker and international development student, she often makes use of qualitative research and narrative therapy methods. Her projects tend to take place over a long period. She uses lectures, film and installation to explore the idea in narrative therapy that individuals are continuously reinventing their own history through re-telling their story. Throughout, there lies a desire to connect with others through curated environments and experimental methods of asking questions. She shares a collaborative practice with Bethany Riordan Butterworth- together, they curate the Fuller Terrace Lecture Series, a community lecture series and online platform in Halifax and Berlin. She will begin her PHD in Visual Arts at York University in the Fall.


Location: INKU Szczeciński Inkubator Kultury 
Address: al. Wojska Polskiego 90
Time: 14:00-17:00, Tuesday 
Free Entrance